Choosing the Right Hardware for your Warehouse Systems

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March 28, 2023 |
Warehouse Systems

Everybody knows that warehouse systems  can no longer be handled through a manual process. As such, warehouse management systems are widely used across all industries by companies that maintain and move inventory.

Mibusoft’s Any-Warehouse for example, is a custom wireless Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed for use with the Android Operating System to compliment Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central 365.

Like any good WMS, Any-Warehouse was built to evolve with the changing logistical landscape to help companies continue to streamline operations.

As impressive as warehouse systems have become, they of course still require the right hardware to function.  Having the right tools in the right place means the difference between a system that is adequate vs one that is excellent.

Generally, there are three essential hardware tools required:
  1. A handheld barcode scanner
  2. High quality label printers
  3. Strategically placed WiFi access points


Today, lets look at the hand-held scanner for optimal warehouse management.

Although you can scan SKUs with both your mobile, the most commonly used tool in warehouse systems is a handheld wireless barcode scanner. Yes, they have been around for awhile now, but with the introduction of newer, more robust WMS features, your existing handheld scanner could quickly lose its usefulness or even become obsolete.

So how do you select the right scanner for your warehouse systems?

Here are some questions you’ll want to consider:

Is it compatible with your WMS/ERP and barcoding standards? Obviously the first step to choosing your barcode scanners is ensuring it correctly reads the barcodes in your warehouse and connects to your back-end seamlessly. For your convenience, Mibusoft’s Any-Warehouse is compatible with Zebra, Android and Windows devices.

Will you be required to scan barcodes outside? If so, a weatherproof option may be prudent.

How much RAM does your WMS require? Make sure your WMS operating system doesn’t eat up so much RAM that scanner performance suffers.

How heavily will the scanner be used? For heavy use situations, look for shock-resistant sturdy models with extended battery life.

Do you need the ability to train new staff quickly? A user-friendly product that can easily be trained empowers staff to be productive from day one.


These are just a few questions you might ask when choosing the right scanner for your warehouse management needs.


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