Data Conversion & Integration

Microsoft Dynamics Data Migration, Conversion and Integration

Data migration, conversion and integration allows information to be passed on by one enterprise software system to the other.

The Mibusoft team can extract and transfer (migrate) your current data to your new ERP solution– such as Microsoft Dynamics BC 365. This data may need to transition to a new format that your ERP system can understand (conversion).

Our skilled team can create an integration bridges that allow your various software systems to pass data to your Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 solution– whether it’s one direction or bidirectionally.

For example, your company wanted the capability to bill customers based on data generated by one of your particular systems. Mibusoft could develop a data migration, conversion and integration bridge that would allow Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 to retrieve this information and create an invoice. If the information presented itself in a format that your ERP couldn’t naturally understand, the data migration, conversion and integration bridge would act as a translator.

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