Implementation & Process Optimization

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation, Customization and Workflow Process Optimization

The first step to determining how to implement and customize Microsoft Dynamics software, so that it is as useful as possible for your business, is to conduct a workflow process or fit/gap analysis.

The workflow process or fit/gap analysis is most insightful and productive when the personnel conducting the assessment are well-versed in the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics. The consultant team at Mibusoft is just that.

What A Workflow Process Analysis Includes

A workflow process or fit/gap analysis conducted by Mibusoft will detail your current business process requirements and (1) confirm how many of them match up with the built-in functionalities (fit) of Microsoft Dynamics and (2) identify any functionalities the software is lacking (gap) when it comes to meeting your needs.

Once you have the workflow process or fit/gap analysis results, Microsoft Dynamics can be implemented. Customization, data migration, user training and go-live support are some of the many steps that Mibusoft includes in our implementation methodology. Any identified gaps will be filled with third-party add-ons or, if none are in existence, custom developed add-ons will be produced.

What If Microsoft Dynamics Has Already Been Implemented?

If your organization already has Microsoft Dynamics implemented a post workflow process or fit/gap analysis can still be beneficial. Conducting the evaluation could reveal business processes that could be optimized using various built-in functionalities as well as third-party add-ons.

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