Connect every corner of your warehouse with mobile scanning!

Any-Warehouse (A-W) is a custom wireless warehouse management system (WMS) application that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central 365.

Since A-W communicates directly with an ERP’s inventory information, it eliminates the risk of duplicate entries and other possible errors.

Connect the power of mobile scanning with your Microsoft platforms so you can:

  • Improve staff efficiency with barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets
  • Get Real Time updates on receipt of goods, inventory count and purchase requisitions
  • Take advantage of wireless access to inventory information and dashboards
  • If you have one or more warehouses and are using Dynamics NAV or Business Central 365, contact Mibusoft today to learn how Any-Warehouse can simplify your warehouse operations.
Why Wait?

Optimizing efficiencies and cost savings has never been more important. Don’t let outdated technology cause you to fall behind your competition!

Any-Warehouse License Plating

The Any-Warehouse License Plating (LP) solution is used to group and manage inventory- assembling each pallet, carton, truck etc. as a container and assigning a unique license plate number to each container.

With a single scan, shop floor staff can identify all the goods in a container. Managing a group of items as a single unit reduces scanning errors, improves traceability, and speeds up transactions.

Use license plating to streamline your warehouse today!

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