Change lanes and deliver long-term success with a transport freight logistics ERP solution

The solutions for transportation success

  • Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 / NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Business Intelligence – Jet Reports
  • Mibusoft Swift Dispatch

The on-demand internet economy has proven to be a great disruptor to the transportation field. The “Amazon” age has created an expectation in the minds of both businesses and consumers that goods and services can be delivered in an instant. Consequently, transportation companies are under tremendous pressure to deliver fast and cost-effectively, neither of which can be accomplished long term if you’re operating under the old way of spreadsheets and disjointed software applications.


The road to transportation success going forward requires a unified approach, one that brings all of your critical business processes into one centralized system. You can accomplish this and more with a Microsoft-based transport freight logistics ERP software solution designed, deployed and delivered by Mibusoft.


Gain An Integrated Viewpoint

An integrated transport freight logistics solution from Mibusoft will strengthen your trucking operation in many ways. With your entire operation part of one centralized ERP software solution you’ll have access to a 360-degree perspective of your business anytime. With pertinent data at your fingertips when you need it, you’ll be ready in an instant to answer questions about sales performance, inventory, bookings, payments, resources, fleet maintenance and more.


Enhance Performance

An integrated transport freight logistics solution leads to greater proficiency as well because it automates your business processes and functions such as project management, inventory control, distribution, maintenance scheduling, accounting and finance, human resources and CRM into one, enterprise-wide system. This means no more re-entering the same data in separate systems or scrambling to gather data from different sources to cobble together custom reports. Instead, any data entered by any department into the ERP software solution will be stored in a single repository, saving time and reducing the risk of data entry error.

A more efficient system also means you’ll be able to respond to customer requirements faster which in turn will enhance customer loyalty and overall profitability.

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