SoftPest is a custom field manager app originally created for the pest control industry, but is perfectly suited as a technician dispatch and work order management solution for any organization involved in field management. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and compatible with mobile devices and multiple browsers, SoftPest eliminates paperwork orders by allowing technicians to use their mobile devices to fill out service reports on-site and obtain customer sign-off. SoftPest also makes invoicing faster and more accurate, reducing accounting department workload and increasing profitability.

SoftPest Features


Dispatchers can get an overview of where technicians are located and how long they have been there by checking on-site orders.

Dispatchers can send notifications to technicians’ phones to easily communicate last-minute order changes or emergency calls.

Dashboard for Viewing Order Status

Instantly see whether a work order is: New, Scheduled, Onsite, Pending, Completed, Cancelled, Requires rescheduling, Done, Verified or Goods sold.

Can be used to set up automatic reminders if multiple visits are required.

Mobile Devices

Allows technicians to receive on mobile devices a list of their daily work orders, including job requirements, customer information and payment information.

GPS technology helps technicians find the fastest route to each customer.

Service Reports and Invoices

Service reports completed by technicians onsite on a mobile device can be electronically signed by the customer.

Data showing that a job has been completed is automatically updated in NAV.

An invoice and service report can be emailed to the customer once an invoice is completed in NAV.


Truck inventories can be managed with Any-Warehouse.

Material, chemical and pesticide usage can be tracked.

SoftPest Benefits

Improved Efficiency and Profitability

With intuitive scheduling, dispatchers spend less time creating and rearranging schedules.

GPS-optimized routes reduce driving time, allowing technicians to get more done in a workday.

Paperless contact allows customers to complete payment faster.

Improved Customer Experience

With detailed customer profiles, technicians and dispatchers have a better understanding of customer preferences, improving customer communications—and the customer experience.

Paperless contact streamlines invoicing and billing, eliminating customer waiting time.

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