Dynamics 365 CRM

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution, will enhance your company’s ability to interact with your customers and develop, improve and retain business. Mibusoft clients rely on Dynamics 365 CRM to streamline their CRM processes and focus their customer relationship efforts.

Dynamics 365 CRM will allow you to manage customer relationships, track engagements and sales, and gain access to insightful data that will assist you in making more informed business decisions, developing new business strategies and driving new client growth.

Accelerate Sales Processes

Prioritize Leads

Retain visibility of your sales cycle as all customer interactions are tracked, and guidance is provided on best upsell, cross-sell and renewal opportunities.

Simply offer flexible pricing and discounts by creating structures for specific or grouped customers.

Keep track of your customer agreements with access to pricing, discounts, delivery dates and other important information.

Offer Remarkable Customer Service

Keep Track of Customers

Your sales and service teams can both respond to inquiries, with all customer details kept in one place including history and preferences.

Boost customer loyalty by easily tracking customer returns and repairs.

Deliver on Promises

Using an overview of services and workloads, rapidly assign employees to work orders.

Service agreements are readily available to deliver prompt service to customers.

Campaigns at the Click of a Button

Trust Your Data

New contacts information is simply added.

Phone calls, meetings, documents, and all other transactions with contacts are recorded – right in Outlook.

Target the Right Audience

Run multi-channel marketing campaigns with emails, landing pages and events.

Campaigns can be segmented and defined by contact profiles, interactions etc.

Partner with Mibusoft

Mibusoft’s detailed analysis process will dive into your business and uncover how Dynamics 365 CRM can help you nurture and win more leads. Our CRM consultants will help you navigate the decision-making process to find solutions, implement, train and support you – to maximize your business potential. Our industry expert consultants have been trusted by countless Canadian companies for over 14 years, encouraging their business growth. Join us!

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