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Manage people, projects and profits better with an ERP/CRM solution

The solution for professional services success

  • Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 / NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Mibusoft SoftPest
  • Microsoft Office 365

How do you know if your professional services organization could use a Microsoft-based ERP/CRM software solution designed, deployed and delivered by Mibusoft? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you employ a variety of software to manage a variety of processes?

Is it taking longer than you would like to reconcile financials at the end of month?
When you provide a sales forecast for your professional services firm is it based more on guesses than actual figures because you don’t have access to information about your business?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions then your professional services business could benefit from a Microsoft-based ERP/CRM software solution.

Implement An ERP/CRM Software Solution That Is Flexible, Extensible And Powerful

As a professional services firm your greatest resource is your time. By streamlining non-billable tasks while enhancing your ability to gain real-time insights into your business, you can increase billable hours, recognize areas to improve and growth opportunities, and boost overall profit.

By having Mibusoft implement a Microsoft-based ERP/CRM software solution to assist you with managing your professional services company will be able to retire your patchwork network of systems. Instead everything will be consolidated into one ERP/CRM software solution eliminating the need for frustrating and time-consuming system upgrades and reducing IT management costs.


Financials will be easier too. Once again, since multiple systems have been eliminated and everything is combined into one ERP/CRM system, reconciling financial information will be a faster, more efficient process whether it’s invoices, accounts payables, receipt management or producing reports.

Having access to data can be a business game-changer for your professional services company too. Our ERP/CRM software solutions will provide your business with real-time access to key business metrics; metrics that will give you the perspective you need in an instant, and the ability to recognize opportunities sooner, make adjustments faster and allow your people to do their jobs more effectively.

You’ll be able to simplify customer relationship management (CRM) too. By automating your email flow, forms, reminders, appointments, follow-up and e-newsletters your lead qualification process will become simpler, more consistent and more targeted which will enhance your professional services company’s conversion rate.

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