Simple Business Strategy

Wayne Hockley |
September 8, 2021 |
Simple Business Strategy

The enemy of every business owner is “Business Chaos”. Every business owner understands Business Chaos – when the unexpected happens, when expectations and promises are broken from vendors or towards customers. Chaos tends to cause MORE chaos causing a crisis usually requiring a huge effort to deal with the crisis. What if Chaos could be significantly mitigated? The result would be fewer crises, more focus, and better results. At Mibusoft, we believe in a philosophy called “Simple Business”. Complicated business processes, lack of operational control, too many cumbersome steps for routine business processes. Simple Business strategy has now moved from the philosophical, to the practical and we want to introduce you to what “simple Business” could look like for your business. Imagine with us, fewer steps, lower costs, more operational control and visibility, better results. “Simple Business” says: remove the complications, automate the automatable, maximize what sets your Vet operation apart from your competitors. A good business system makes chaotic situations simple. Over the next several newsletters, we will introduce you to Simple Business strategy – in smaller terms, different elements of your business Including:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Receiving Orders and shipping dates
  • inventory planning
  • shipping scanning
  • purchase orders and receiving
  • contract pricing
  • accounting
  • Graphical KPI management
  • customer and vendor management
  • vet dispatching
  • on farm mobile tools
  • mobile delivery tools
  • Prescription management

Building a Simple Business strategy is not ONE big decision, it’s a series of smaller decisions using one tool like Soft Vet.

The key to meeting the objective requires two key elements: A flexible business management tool built for Vet operations like SoftVet and experienced business process consultants like the team at Mibusoft. When these two elements are surrounded with commitment and perseverance – the results are “Simple Business” – chaos is now limited to the completely unexpected, the elements that were never within our control but now – at least you can see the chaos coming, and have the information you need to make decisive decisions sooner before the Crisis arrives.

Here is an example of how you can work in your Outlook email, bring information from your business system – and enter everything once…. from a tool universally used – Outlook. Why key it in twice and risk a mistake, receive the information once, send it once, and track it so that the transaction is never lost. Here is how one company made a “Business Simple” decision for interacting with their customers.

We look forward to introducing you to your Simple Business strategy could look like to transform your business!

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