Your ERP System – Are you receiving full value? Not Likely.

Wayne Hockley |
August 20, 2020 |
ERP System

Studies have shown that 91% of ERP companies have sadly received in the range of 31 – 80% of the projected value they expected to receive when they implemented their ERP software. In this 2018 report from Panorama, 95% of ERP customers saw process and bottom line improvements but for various reasons 91% of companies did not “finish the last mile”. The main reasons I have seen companies not realizing the full value include:

  • Not doing a full process review upfront – to find process improvement opportunities
  • Purchasing the software with a budget first priority, instead of a strategic company improvement priority.
  • The implementation of the ERP took longer or was more expensive than expected so “finishing the race “ seemed too difficult.

Everyone wants to maximize their IT dollars, while simultaneously finding ways to stay competitive in the economic landscape. Is there low hanging fruit in your ERP implementation? Have you always wondered if that website, logistics system, real time business intelligence or customer experience system – could somehow work seamlessly with your ERP? Have you wondered why getting critical information isn’t flowing to the people who need it, causing undue disruption to your critical business processes? Have you ever wondered if vendors, customers or employees could interact remotely with your system in safe and secure ways? I call these your “low hanging fruit” opportunities. A good partner, focused on the well being of your business will be quickly able to help you look at what is possible, in the most expeditious and cost effective.

Many of these examples of low hanging fruit – don’t require a new ERP or even an upgrade. They need an ERP specialist who knows your industry or better yet your specific business. It takes skill, knowledge and sometimes a dash of courage to think outside the traditional box. This professional can dig into the problem, present you with options and proposes options that start with easy (quick and effective), medium (more investment, greater return) or large (the complete solution that sets you up for the future).

The studies suggest that 91% of companies like yours aren’t receiving the full value you envisioned you receive from your ERP system. Likely there is value, that is relatively easy to acquire without expensive ERP changes or upgrades. If you have always wondered why the system doesn’t… call a Mibusoft ERP specialist today and we can help you “take a hold” and help you “finish the race”.



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