Working as a Team with NAV 2018

Darlene Platt |
October 12, 2022 |

Are you ever concerned about the importance of keeping your customer’s data accurate?  When your business client and contact information is not consistent or up to date it can slow down the sales process and especially the performance of your marketing campaigns.  If your staff comes across a change of contact’s phone number, email address, or the business has moved and they don’t update the information right away all it does is leave a pile of incorrect, unwanted, or incomplete customer information.

Sales, marketing, and customer support have much in common they are all working hard to achieve the same goal, keeping, and adding customers, maintaining a high-quality customer service, and creating new contacts. It is important when communicating with your customers and new contacts that they know you are up to date about their information. They may have changed suite # or moved locations but because you kept your data up to par you are on top of it.

With Microsoft NAV 2018 new functionalities it is a key of simplicity or should I say easy as pie with the innovative and efficient tools to use and effectively manage customers, contacts and networks, capture opportunities and target campaigns. Even better all your staff in your company can provide smart solutions based on transparent access to the up-to-date customer and contact data.

Remember incomplete customer data lessens the quality of the contact itself. By keeping your data and every interaction you have up to date, you can maintain an overview of your customers & contacts and it can help you personalize your approach to them and create a successful business relationship and get the results your company wants!

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