The Future of Warehousing with License Plating

Darlene Platt |
November 30, 2022 |
License Plating

Any-Warehouse-LP is a managing system that groups together any set of materials or products and assigns it with a unique license plate number. If you are still tracking each unit of your inventory with pen and paper or manually keying in your data to an outdated system, then you are consuming up large amounts of hard work and operating costs.

So having an up-to-speed management system in place will make the handling of your inventory easier, more cost-effective and your team will simply be at ease knowing the inventory is being tracked accurately and helping avoid fewer errors.

Any-Warehouse License plating can streamline inventory tracking by helping to level down large shipments of products. Small batches of items can be grouped into a box, then grouped onto a pallet and finally grouped onto a truckload or container.  Yes, a container!

Once the product makes its way to its warehouses destination it can be received quicker and simpler with the scan of a single license plate at each phase instead of scanning each item. As well, license plating will bring immediate efficiencies to your warehouse processes, from receiving, assisting with the picking of correct stock items in a timely manner, and help planning for future inventory control.

I could go on about the features and functionalities, but different users’ different needs so better yet set up a demo and see for yourself how Any-Warehouse License Plating (LP) can optimize the traceability of your inventory and boost your warehouse efficiency.

Any-Warehouse License Plating is a custom wireless application that combines with our Any-Warehouse (WMS) module that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central 365 giving a simplified Warehouse Management Solution with alot of added goodies.

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