What is the role of a Microsoft Certified Partner?

Carmen Hockley |
March 6, 2023 |
Microsoft Certified Partner

Microsoft has an international partner program to extend its reach into the community. They rely on Microsoft Certified Partners to deliver their business solutions to their customers. Every partner has specialities which impact their product and service offerings.

How do Partners Maintain their Certification?

Microsoft Certified Partners work closely with the global software company to stay unified in goals. Microsoft sets targets for performance, capabilities, and customer success that partners must maintain. Software developers and consultants must upkeep their knowledge of the products with required training.

What are the different types of Partners?

A Microsoft certified partner that resells business products but provides a service that adds more value to the customers is called a Vaue-Added reseller (VAR).  VAR’s have the important job of implementing or upgrading your new Microsoft products and providing ongoing support. But this Microsoft certified partner role extends further than the basics. A VAR like Mibusoft can find new ways to improve your current business functions, find or build software products specifically for your industry, and work closely with your team to train them on best practices. In times of crisis your partner is there to support you and go the extra mile to ensure your business can continue running like a well-oiled machine.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the Microsoft world, develop software modules that improve the functionalities of existing products. These products often cater to specific industries, like Mibusoft’s Any-Warehouse that is built for companies with large physical inventory. Microsoft works closely with ISV’s to certify their solutions and promote their sales.

How do you determine what makes the right Microsoft Certified Partner for you?

With thousands of partners worldwide, it can be difficult to know which partner to trust with your Microsoft implementation. The questions below can help you identify  which partners are the right fit for your business.

  • Do their product and service offerings match your business needs?
  • Do they cater to your industry?
  • Does the size of their company provide a staff with expertise but also the ability to prioritize your project?
  • Do they have strong partnerships with their current and past customers?
 Why Choose Mibusoft as your Microsoft Partner?

Mibusoft became a Microsoft certified partner in 2008, so we boast 15 years of experience working with Canadian companies. Our consultants have previous experience working as an end user in many of the industries that we serve so we can better understand your needs. Our dedicated development team has created numerous software applications, so we know the Microsoft products inside and out.

For references from Mibusoft’s completed projects, please reach out. All of your Microsoft Certified Partner needs are met with Mibusoft by your side.

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