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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution

The Mibusoft team are experts at designing, deploying and delivering the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Much more than accounting software, this ERP program is comprehensive, with a customizable interface that will drive your company’s efficiency and more, forward. The versatility and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 is unsurpassed. Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 (formerly Dynamics NAV) holds a slight edge due to its extensive range of user role settings and industry-specific setups making it highly customizable to your company’s way of doing things. It will also easily combine with your on-premise solutions, allowing you to create a highly-impactful hybrid solution.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution will enhance your company’s ability to interact with your customers and develop, improve and retain business. Mibusoft clients rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamlines their CRM processes and focus their customer relationship efforts. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will allow you to manage customer relationships, track engagements and sales, and gain access to insightful data that will assist you in making more informed business decisions, developing new business strategies and driving new client growth. It also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office products.


Veterinary management systems of the past are clunky and can often be more trouble than they are worth. Without efficient and organized clinic management software, managing accounting, inventory, and dispatches can lead to clerical errors, financial losses and slower veterinary response times. Fortunately, now there’s a better way to manage your large animal clinic.

SoftVet by Mibusoft was created to provide large animal veterinary clinics with the tools they need to enhance on-farm service processes. As SoftVet is built on top of a full ERP, Microsoft Dynamics BC 365, data is seamlessly updated for full visibility of financial, inventory, purchasing, and sales - all in one place. This integration also makes for a completely paperless system, streamlining operations and greatly reducing the risk of data entry errors. If you’re a large animal veterinarian or clinic manager and you have the best care for your livestock and equine clients in mind, you need to take a closer look at SoftVet.

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Any-Warehouse (A-W) is a custom wireless warehouse management system (WMS) application that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central 365.

Since A-W communicates directly with an ERP’s inventory information, it eliminates the risk of duplicate entries and other possible errors.

Connect the power of mobile scanning with your Microsoft platforms so you can:

  • Improve staff efficiency with barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets
  • Get Real Time updates on receipt of goods, inventory count and purchase requisitions
  • Take advantage of wireless access to inventory information and dashboards

If you have one or more warehouses and are using Dynamics NAV or Business Central 365, contact Mibusoft today to learn how Any-Warehouse can simplify your warehouse operations.

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Originally created for the pest control industry, the Mibusoft custom SoftPest field manager application can be leveraged by any field management-related organization to improve the effectualness of the dispatch of their technicians and products, increasing profitability. The SoftPest field manager application integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV allowing for fast, accurate invoicing easing your accounting department’s workload. Compatible with mobile devices and multiple browsers, the SoftPest field manager application eliminates the need for paper work orders--instead technicians can use their smartphones to fill out service reports on site and have customers sign off.

Business Intelligence

Rely on the experience and expertise of the Mibusoft team to assist you in the selection of the Business Intelligence software that is best suited for your company’s needs. Many of our clients rely on TARGIT, TimeXtender and Jet Reports (Mibusoft is a Jet Reports certified specialist) for their business intelligence discoveries. All three business intelligence programs allow you to analyze trends and mine insight from the data contained within your Microsoft Dynamics BC 365 or Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, giving your organization the ability to leverage the power associated with knowledge.


NP Retail

NP Retail is an omni-channel solution that integrates seamlessly with the best financial management system on the market, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV), providing you with numerous advantages. This robust, all-in-one POS system includes financial management, bookkeeping, a POS solution, inventory management, reports and statistics as well as management of products and orders.

With NP Retail all transactions are automatically entered in your accounts providing you with more freedom, time and resources to focus on strengthening your core business.

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k-eCommerce is mdf commerce’s platform for SMBs, providing all-in-one ecommerce and digital payment solutions integrated to Microsoft Dynamics. k-eCommerce simplifies and accelerates online growth, offering a complete omnichannel ecommerce solution supporting both B2B and B2C engagement.


Hosting Solution

You don’t need to spend big money on hardware infrastructure or IT personnel to maintain a server for your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365. Mibusoft can recommend hosting solution service providers that are viable alternatives to an on-premises installation or to the Microsoft Azure cloud solution.

A hosting solution is the worry-free way to deploy and use your ERP. Mibusoft shares a transparent dialogue with cost-efficient hosting solution services providers, which means your company gets peace of mind knowing that two partners are working together with one common goal: to make sure your ERP is operating at its best.

  • Why private hosting may be the better solution for you
    If the cost of hosting is your company’s primary concern than more than likely a public hosting solution will be the right fit for your organization. Otherwise, if requirements such as bandwidth flexibility, fortified security, customized server environment, control of maintenance scheduling, higher degrees of server access and monthly reports that analyze server performance are equally or more important needs that must be met, than a private hosting solution will make more sense.
  • We guarantee optimum uptime
    Downtime is inevitable but it can be minimized. At Mibusoft we go the extra mile by optimizing uptime levels at ‘four and a half nines’ which provides you with an uptime guarantee of 99.995%. Over the course of a year this adds up to a huge increase in uptime vs. other hosting solution options available on the market, as the chart below demonstrates.
POTENTIAL DOWNTIMES 99.995% (Mibusoft) 99.99% 99.9%
Daily 4.3s 8.6s 1m 26.4s
Weekly 30.2s 1m 0.5s 10m 4.8s
Monthly 2m 11.5s 4m 23.0s 43m 49.7s
Yearly 26m 17.8s 52m 35.7s 8h 45m 57.0s

* Based on industry standard uptime calculations, these are subject to change. Excludes pre-scheduled downtimes for server maintenance and patch updates.

  • Convenient hosting solutions support
    For those times when an emergency hosting solution situation occurs outside of regular support hours, Mibusoft has an on-call emergency contact person available to assist you. You can contact them at 1.855.885.4443 or or use our support contact form.
Microsoft Office 365

If we take a look inside of any successful business’ toolbox, what are we most likely to find? That’s right: the Microsoft Office suite – including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Now, you can take those tools to the next level without an upfront cost with Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based product that you pay for monthly.

There are many benefits to Microsoft Office 365 vs. the traditional installed version of Microsoft Office. They include never having to deal with server maintenance or software updates—it’s all done automatically by Microsoft, and you also get anywhere access to your documents from any workstation or device you like.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is so many things at once, that IT professionals are at a loss when asked to total its endless options. At its core Microsoft SharePoint is a document management system, a collaboration platform and a business process management system, all brought together within a convenient, web-based interface. It allows you to share and manage content, knowledge and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

Avalara Tax Compliance Partnership

Avalara offers cloud-based sales tax and compliance systems that work with many ERP and billing systems, including Microsoft Dynamics BC 365. Sales tax is mandatory, complex and costly; Avalara’s automated solutions will save time, money and effort for any business. Their solutions alleviate audit risks and compliance concerns for many tax types in a variety of industries, including: retail, manufacturing, communications, hospitality, etc.