6 Benefits of a Paperless Warehouse for Microsoft Navision

Carmen Hockley |
December 19, 2022 |
paperless warehouse

Away with the old, in with the new. The push to be a tip-top efficient warehouse is becoming increasingly important, leading decision makers to consider a paperless warehouse environment, like Any-Warehouse, for Microsoft Navision WMS.

Some companies operate with the “old school” method of a completely paper-based system with all functions done on paper. With the adoption of technology, many have embraced a “less-paper” approach eliminating the need for some paperwork. What is the next step? A completely paperless warehouse.

Let’s explore the benefits of transitioning your company to a mobile Microsoft Navision Warehouse Management system.


Improved Efficiency

Efficiency is the golden rule for any warehouse. Tracking inventory, orders and returns are a logistical headache in a warehouse relying on paper. But when these processes are digitally managed in a paperless warehouse, systems are streamlined leading to improved visibility of real-time data on all aspects of the business. As these daily processes are handled through your paperless warehouse system, the administrative burden is minimized allowing budgets to be spent elsewhere.


Improved Productivity

Training employees doesn’t have to be a worry with a paperless warehouse. With an easy-to-use Microsoft Navision Warehouse Management System, new or temporary employees can get started right away. Any-Warehouse boasts a user- friendly interface with logical processes that anyone will understand, regardless of their experience level.


Fewer Mistakes

Your workers inevitably make mistakes when working in a paper-based or less-paper warehouse as notes go missing, orders are misread or illegible. Writing can be time consuming in the best of times, but also sets your team up for unnecessary costly errors. With data flowing from the ERP to a mobile WMS solution in the hands of your warehouse staff – all movements are tracked so any mistakes can be easily caught and amended.


Better Customer Service

Provide better customer service to your customers with the capabilities to track the location of packages within your paperless warehouse. Visibility of all movements allows your customer service team to quickly provide information to your customers inquiring about their order status. With a prompt response, you are more likely to retain these customers for years to come.


Reduce Materials Costs

With a completely digital system like Any-Warehouse for Microsoft Navision WMS – this eliminates the need for perpetual costs like paper, ink and printers. You won’t need the extra storage for filing cabinets, so your resources can be utilized for other aspects of your business.


Environmental Impact

A perk to switching to a paperless warehouse allows your business to lower its carbon footprint. This enforces a stance that your company is environmentally conscious, which has become important for customers worldwide.


There are countless benefits of a digital, paper-less warehouse solution that will improve the bottom line of your business. Microsoft Navision WMS coupled with Mibusoft’s intuitive mobile scanning solution is sure to do just that!

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