Image of farmer, out in a field, tapping on a tablet computer to access a farm association ERP/CRM management application solution created by Mibusoft to access business intelligence data.


Leverage an ERP/CRM solution to optimize collective management and promote sustainability

The Solutions for Farm Association Success

The goal of any farm collective, association or federation is to foster the development of farms and strengthen the stability of the incomes they generate. With many agricultural organizations representing the needs of thousands of individual farm operations, it is imperative that the systems and processes they employ are functioning as efficiently and effectively as possible.

A Microsoft-based ERP/CRM business intelligence solution designed, deployed and delivered by Mibusoft allows you to do just that.

By relying on one, unified ERP/CRM system your farm association can realize a host of business intelligence benefits:

  • Take supply management to another level
  • Ensure superior quality, industry-wide
  • Centrally coordinate routing of product to multiple plants
  • Centrally manage quotas and production limits
  • Promote and market product as a group
  • Perform predictive analysis
  • Discover new insights
  • Gain a big picture perspective of the marketplace
  • Identify potential risk factors and opportunities
  • Recognize market opportunities faster
  • Ensure sustainable development
  • Serve as a hub for information on production, management and regulatory topics