Dynamics GP Lifecycle Explained

Carmen Hockley |
November 21, 2022 |

After the Community Summit in North America, Microsoft released a statement responding to feedback from the Great Plains Community.

“Microsoft is fully committed to supporting our Dynamics GP customers. This will include new releases (e.g., 18.6, 18.7, 18.8, …) for the foreseeable future on the same timeline and schedule as we have done in the past several years, as outlined in the GP Modern Support Lifecycle.” Mike Morton, Vice President, Dynamics 365 Business at Microsoft

What is the Modern Lifecycle Policy for Microsoft Dynamics GP?

This means that Microsoft will continue support, servicing including bug fixes and the latest tax updates for the newest version 18.x. To stay current under this policy, customers will take one of the three yearly updates released in June, October, and December. These updates include hotfixes, tax updates, relevant regulatory updates and may include changes to usability or reliability to address customer requests.

Will there be new features? “At the Summit we did make a statement about ‘new features’. This intent was to share that we do not expect significant new capabilities in Dynamics GP, such as new modules.” Mike Morton

What is the Fixed Lifecycle Policy?

Customers using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 or 2018R2 and older use the Fixed Lifecycle policy.  These versions have an end of mainstream support date and end of extended support date.

Products that fall under Fixed Lifecycle:

Do I need to update my version of Microsoft Dynamics GP?

There is no one size fits all solution – Mibusoft is dedicated to ensuring you have the right solutions for you. For more information on next steps with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, contact our team. We are here to guide you through Microsoft’s policies.

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