What is Mibusoft’s custom solution procedure?

Darlene Platt |
September 12, 2022 |

The pudding in the pie for success is originality and uniqueness that can instantly give you a competitive edge in the industry by having a tailored made add-on solution that accommodates to all the needs and expectations of your organization and your customers as well. Every business has different requirements and goals and partnering with our dedicated developers and consultants can help you reach them.

I don’t know much about the procedure or process on how a custom add-on is developed, and I am certainly no developer but what I have learned since being with Mibusoft is that it is important to plan. Planning generates the main requirements for the projects as well as creates a general roadmap and influences all off the development procedure of the add on solution and how everything will be done. 

Our developers when building a custom add-on solution effectively conduct a business analysis. Based on their findings they can accurately define the customers needs and recommend a solution that will bring value to the customer and incorporate the necessary extra functionality to their Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 or NAV system.  

There are many steps in the life cycle of creating the custom add-on solution like the design, the programming, integration and testing, quality assurance and more testing. It’s 1st release, it’s final stages of development and with maintenance and support.

Remember a custom add-on solution can adapt to your existing and future requirements. Businesses grow over time and adjustments and new functionality’s may be needed. There are always a few roadblocks, but our developers go the distance because they understand building a customized solution successfully requires many different steps and a lot of dedicated time with ongoing assistance to help you experience the best customer satisfaction.

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