A Glance at GP 18.4 New Features

Darlene Platt |
July 6, 2022 |

As we previously know Microsoft upgrades are focused on the users’ ideas and needs, no difference this time around with the Great Plains 18.4 Upgrade. Most of the feature focus on ease of use, client requirements, expanded functionality and enhance security and support.

To give you a bit more specifics and certainly a highlighted feature, is a better security procedure by permitting users to hide social security numbers on HR reports and supporting multi-factor authentication. Another thing that made GP users very pleased is an extending end[1]of-support date. When you have no support you increase the risk of data security problems, backdoor attacks, compatibility issues and potential glitch and imperfections.

Mibusoft being a Microsoft value added reseller (VAR) a company that develops ISV products is very pleased with this next update. The GP 18.4 upgrade makes it easier to add third-party products that you are interested in using, it allows for a smoother connection to Independent Software Vendors products like ours.

Those are just a few of the new features and functionalities of the Great Plains 18.4 version. Routine updates extend the benefits of your GP solution, and by keeping your system regularly updated it helps make sure that your Dynamics GP is up to date and is running well.

If you want to learn more the GP 18.4 version view our Solution page Microsoft Great Plains for more detail on the upgrade features & functionalities.

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