Agriculture: Centre de production laitière

Mibusoft aide le centre de production laitière à optimiser le retour sur investissement et l'efficacité de son ERP

Solutions utilisées

Services utilisés

La situation

A dairy production centre, responsible for testing milk samples, sharing knowledge and assisting dairy farmers with herd management, had become frustrated with their existing ERP system. Not only did their ERP have limited integration capabilities and dated functionality, it also proved to be very frustrating anytime customization was attempted.

La solution

It was time for a change. The client selected Mibusoft to replace the existing ERP solution with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. When implemented, the new system would automate numerous banking functions, improve efficiencies with purchase order systems, plus create a highly-customized billing system that would be easy to configure.

Les résultats

Significant ROI and more effective use of employee time have been realized with the new, automated billing process. Administrative staff can now configure data, as required, on a client-by-client basis versus distracting their team of internal developers from other key responsibilities. Billing and incentive changes were implemented with ease and in a timely manner.

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