Vet Clinic Operations: Visualize Your KPIs to Exceed Them

Wayne Hockley |
August 12, 2021 |
Vet Clinic Operations

A prominent statement from top management mind, Peter Drucker, goes: “you cannot manage what you cannot measure.” Simply put, the only way to know and control success is by first being able to define and track said success. Without clearly defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and a way to track them, success is nothing more than an intangible, abstract concept.

For large animal veterinary clinics, a KPI may track daily check-ins per location or the order fill rate in a 24-hour period compared to back orders. Whatever the metrics may be, SoftVet from Mibusoft is the way to track them. Providing operational transparency through the integration of even the most complex business processes, our Microsoft Dynamics-powered SoftVet solution gives large animal veterinarians and clinic managers a clear view of the entire business–empowering vets to track successes across every function of the practice while providing the best possible care.

Work with clarity and confidence

The complexities of a large animal clinic–managing the unique demands of personnel, clientele, and vendors, while caring for livestock–are only further complicated by information spread across separate databases which may take excessive time to access. SoftVet was designed to simplify this process by streamlining the countless business systems which allow a large animal clinic to function and provide clinic managers with a bird’s eye view of operations. KPIs for sales, finance, warehouse, dispatch, and vet operations are all made clearly visible and actionable by an integrated business system, allowing clinic managers to measure the successes of every facet of the business on a single dashboard.

Define a KPI once, measure it forever

Through graphic illustrations and with the partnership of an experienced Mibusoft consultant, operational transparency becomes more attainable than ever. KPIs for each function of business allow clinic managers to understand successes–and areas for improvement–in real time, with SoftVet even providing mobile users the ability to view KPI graphics on a cell phone. An integrated system like Mibusoft’s SoftVet offers large animal veterinarians and clinic managers peace of mind, guaranteeing that the business system is tracking critical business elements while helping steer toward success.

Achieve operational transparency with Mibusoft

Combining the versatility of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 and a decade of experience in ERP consulting and implementations, Mibusoft is well-equipped to help large animal clinics achieve operational transparency. The Microsoft Dynamics Gold-certified team at Mibusoft has supported many clinics through the implementation process and beyond, including establishing KPIs to help businesses measure and achieve success. With SoftVet, Mibusoft continues to help veterinary clinics improve service processes–both on-farm and in office–and provide better care to large animals.

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