Image of a business analytics strategy consultant from Mibusoft making a presentation about KPI dashboard reporting to a group of client personnel.


Business Analytics Strategy and Consulting

In this day and age most organizations recognize how valuable having access to real-time business data can be to their decision making process. The key, however, is not just having access to data on your dashboard--it’s having access to the right data.

The best business outcomes occur when decision-makers have access to KPI data on their dashboard that is the most relevant to their role. The business analytics strategy consulting team at Mibusoft can design, deploy and deliver a custom KPI dashboard reporting solution that seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM system and supplies employees from various departments the personalized perspective necessary for advanced strategic planning.

Meaningful KPI data translates into better decisions

Collaborate with Mibusoft’s expert team of business analytics strategy consultants to create real-time, KPI dashboard reporting that is tailored to individual job functions, responsibilities and departments. The key performance indicators your people need most will be front and centre. With rich, relevant data instantly at their disposal employees from each department will be better equipped to review, assess and formulate their strategies, recommendations and decisions.

Business Analytics Strategy Development and Training

There are many approaches for creating a successful and effective data warehouse including OLAP data cubes. Not sure what direction to take your analytics strategy in? We can help. Strategy development and training are available from our talented and friendly team of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Financial consultants. Mibusoft is your one-stop strategy and service provider.