Retail staff member using the mPOS app which gives them the freedom to not be anchored to the cash register and instead move throughout the store and engage with customers.


You can future-proof your store with a mobile POS system

Your sales people don’t have to be glued to your POS system. Our mPOS app will give your staff the freedom to move throughout the store so they can engage with and sell more to your customers.


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Set your staff free

A superior customer experience is imperative in today’s ultra-competitive retail environment, especially if you’re operating brick-and-mortar stores. By implementing a mobile POS system, you can greatly enhance the in-store experience for your customers.

By adopting the mPOS mobile POS system you will give your staff the freedom to move throughout the store, making them more available to engage, interact and serve customers.

Anywhere inventory access

By implementing the mPOS mobile POS system in your stores, you’ll be equipping your staff with the tool they need to be responsive. Now when a customer asks whether an item is in stock, staff will be able to confirm it for them in an instant, simply by looking it up on the mPOS mobile point of sale system. If the item is not available in their store, staff can simply use the mPOS device to place an order for it.

Boost customer satisfaction and sales

The mPOS mobile POS system will save your customers valuable time too. Lining up at the cash will be a thing of the past. Instead, your staff will be able to ring up the sale with the mPOS device, from anywhere in the store. In many cases, retailers employing mPOS see an increase in sales too, as customers are more likely to buy an item when the inconvenience of having to wait in line to pay for a purchase is eliminated.

Recommended hardware

To achieve an elevated level of personal service and increased flexibility when serving customers it not only requires the mPOS mobile POS system software – it also requires the right hardware e.g. tablets and smartphones.

At NP Retail, we have compiled a shortlist of hardware that is both compatible with the mPOS mobile point of sale system and user-friendly for staff and customers.

Payment options

The mPOS mobile POS system lets you process a wide variety of payment types including transactions by scan, swipe or inserting a credit card. Customers can also make mobile payments from MobilePay by using a QR code.

As well, your stores will be able to accept gift vouchers, member points and discount coupons equally with cash or credit card payments.